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We offer exclusive as well as non-exclusive licenses for any project.

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Multiple genre’s of instrumentals, cues as well as songs, sounds & effects.

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Our expert crew of production music geeks will be happy to suggest the best cues for your needs.

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New cues added daily from our multi-national award winning composers.


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We take the hassle out of finding quality production music

Fi-Water Music Library provides exclusive, superior, pre-cleared, Stock Music for Broadcast, Film, Web, Corporate and Digital marketing. We understand what is important to you, the client, and work to provide the best experience in the industry. We control all rights, including the all-important digital, to our tracks and can truly guarantee clearance for all of your projects.

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Stock Music Licensing and Pricing

Select from the usage options below when you purchase and the appropriate license will automatically be granted. The FWM Library guarantees immediate clearance for all our music.


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Single Track

Total Clearance - allows you to use any cue you purchase for a period of 1 year

Corporate & Web Only - Designed for Non-Broadcast Corporate Clients. License is for a period of 1 year.

Indy Film & Documentary - Discounted one year License for Independent Filmmakers

Non-Profit - Discounted License for Local Broadcasters, Religious Institutions etc, for a period of 1 year.


Annual Blanket Unlimited Downloads

Total Clearance Blanket - Our Premium License - You are guaranteed clearance for all usages, all platforms, worldwide in perpetuity for anything produced during the term of the license without restriction. One year of unlimited downloads.

Corporate & Web Only  Blanket – This license is designed for Non-Broadcast Corporate Clients You are guaranteed clearance for all usages, all platforms, worldwide in perpetuity for anything produced during the term of the license except Broadcast & Feature Film. One year of unlimited downloads

Indy Film & Documentary Blanket - You are guaranteed clearance for all Festival, Theatrical, and Broadcast Usages. You may not advertise on Youtube with this license. One year unlimited downloads.

Non-Profit Blanket – License is for Public & Local Non-Profit Institutions. All music is pre-cleared for all usages worldwide in perpetuity. No YouTube Advertising. One year of unlimited downloads.



Licensing and Pricing FAQs

Is this Royalty Free?
No, we are a fully rights managed catalog. If you are a broadcaster or filmmaker you are required to file cue sheets with the appropriate Performing Rights Societies when applicable. There are no requirements beyond that.
Is this the only fee I pay?
Yes, our license allows you to use any cue you purchase as many times as you like for a period of 1 year. All those usages are cleared FOREVER. If you wish to use the cue in a new production after the year is up, simply download & purchase another license.
Do you offer blanket license and discounts?
Yes, and they are fantastic deals.
How many tracks do you have?
Lots and growing constantly. We add new material every week.
How quickly can we get the music?
Once you pay for a cue, you get an immediate download link to your music. Blanket license holders get a special access pass and can get whatever music they want, whenever they want it.
We have a lot of producers, can everybody log in at the same time?
Yes, we offer unlimited project storage folders for your favorite cues that are easily shareable between colleagues or clients.
Will you help us find music?
Sure. It’s our pleasure and no one knows the catalog better than we do.
We don't understand how to fill out the cue sheets, will you help us?
It’s in our interest to make sure the cue sheets are filled out and done correctly, so we will do it for you if you wish for a small processing fee.
I keep getting notices from YouTube about copyright. What do I do?
When you purchase a track from us, we guarantee clearance. All our material is digitally fingerprinted so we can ensure you are protected in this regard. If you get a notice from YouTube, simply send us the URL and we’ll have the copyright claim removed ASAP (This does not apply to our discounted, non-commercial licenses.) NOTE: Please do not ever “DISPUTE” the claim, that only slows the process down, just send us the link, & we’ll free up your YouTube video.
Do you write material that you think would be suitable for FWM Library?

Please send an email to: [email protected] and tell us about yourself. We request that submissions be in the form of an EPK or a website with all available social media info. We don’t accept ANY other submission methodology, so please don’t send CDs or use dropbox, wetransfer or yousendit etc.